All artwork available for purchase unless marked "sold"

Artwork marked with * are matted larger than the given dimensions

Crevasse 10x10 $100
Trees 10x10 $100
Ancient 10x10 $100
Diamond Lake at Sunset
Diamond Lake At Sunset 11x14 $150
Untitled #185
Untitled #185 24x30 $720
Untitled #184
Untitled #184 22x26 $570
Yellow and Blue Abstract
Yellow and Blue Abstract 16x20 $320
Pink and Blue Abstract
Pink and Blue Abstract 12.5x11.5 $200
Red and Yellow Abstract
Red and Yellow Abstract 12x12 $200
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision 12x36 $435
Spring Sunset Minnehaha Creek
Spring Sunset Minnehaha Creek 12x12 $150
Misty Water
Misty Water 12x16 $200
Cumulus 12x16 $200
Distant Pines
Distant Pines 9x12 $110
Pond 9x12 $110
Abstract Blue and Red
Abstract Blue and Red 8x8 $65
Abstract Green and Blue
Abstract Green and Blue 8x8 $65
Abstract Red and Yellow
Abstract Red and Yellow 8x8 $65
Winter Morning Color 3
Winter Morning Color 3 8x10 $60
Winter Morning Color 2
Winter Morning Color 2 8x10 $60
Winter Morning Color 1
Winter Morning Color 1 8x8 $50
Dreamscape 12x24 $290
Red And Aqua
Red And Aqua 16x20 $320
Golden Mist
Golden Mist 12x12 $75
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain 16x20 $320
Horizon 18x24 $430
Twilight 20x24 $480
Color Studies on Wood Panel
Color Studies on 3 Wood Panels each 9.5x27.5 $200/ea.
Swan 21x30 $630
Pastel Poppies
Pastel Poppies 16x20 $320
Pale Pink Rose
Pale Pink Rose 16x20 $320
Bold Tulips
Bold Tulips 16x20 $320
Two Violets
Two Violets 18x24 $450
Dancing Tulips
Dancing Tulips 36x42 $1200
Ocean Overlook
Ocean Overlook 10x10 $110
Moon and Hill
Moon and Hill 10x10 $110
Lake Poway Trail
Lake Poway Trail 10x10 $110
Two Cottonwood
SOLD Two Cottonwood 12x12 $165
Frosty Curly Willow
Frosty Curly Willow 12x12 $165
SOLD Walking Trail No.2 14x18 $260
Walking Trail
Walking Trail 14x18 $260
Autumn Pond at Nokomis
Autumn Pond at Nokomis 12x16 $220
Country Road
Country Road 12x36 $450
Golden Reflection
Golden Reflection 16x12 $220
Lake Pepin
Lake Pepin 12x36 $450
The River at Red Wing
The River at Red Wing 8x8 $120
Open Space
Open Space 8x8 $100
Walking Trail At Hyland
Walking Trail At Hyland 11x14 $230
Golden Leaves
Golden Leaves 12x16 $220
Lone Pine
Lone Pine 8x8 $100
Floral with Purple
Floral with Purple 12x12 $75
Floral with Pink
Floral with Pink 12x12 $75
Floral with Yellow
Floral with Yellow 12x12 $75
Floral with Blue
Floral with Blue 12x12 $75
Dogwood 18x24 $475
Open Space with Sun
Open Space with Sun 8x8 $110
Home Land
Home Land 8x8 $110
Colorful Leaves
Colorful Leaves 8x8 $110
Water Land and Sky
Water Land and Sky 8x10* $115
Warm Colorscape
Warm Colorscape 12x12 $110
Beasts 18x24 $430
Radiant Light
Radiant Light 18x24 $430
Reflection 12x24 $290
Setting Sun
Setting Sun 8x10 $60
Green in the Distance
Green in the Distance 8x10 $60
Watery Land
Watery Land 8x16* $150
Light Between Land and Clouds
Light Between Land and Clouds 8x16* $150
Blue Land
Blue Land 18x36 $600
Red Cloud
Red Cloud 15x30 $450
Pink Horizon
Pink Horizon 8x10 $60
Green Parallels
Green Parallels 8x10 $60
Sun Dome
Sun Dome 8x10 $60
Lavender Half Moons
Lavender Half Moons 8x10 $60
Light and Dark
Light and Dark 8x10 $60
Yellow Blue and Red Composition
Yellow Blue and Red Composition 12x12 $140
Blue White and Yellow Tapestry
Blue White and Yellow Tapestry 20x56 $1120
Floral Medley
Floral Medley 28x34 $950
Winter Tree
Winter Tree 18x24 $430
Autumn Reflection
Autumn Reflection 16x20 $320
Cold Land
Cold Land 18x24 $430
Lady Slipper
Lady Slipper 11x13 $145
Untitled Abstract32x26 $830
Be 24x28 $670
Two Birch
Two Birch 16x20 $320
Iris 8x10* $110
Little Red Ranunculus
Little Red Ranunculus 10x10* $145
Stargazer 20x16 $320
Cosmic Roses
Cosmic Roses 16x20 $320
Pink Anthurium
Pink Anthurium 20x16 $320
Pistachio Carnations
Pistachio Carnations 18x24 $430
Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips 12x16 $210
Parkway Tulips
Parkway Tulips 16x20 $320
Cosmos 23x37 $850
Lavender Mums in Green Vase
Lavender Mums in Green Vase 8x10 $110
Dahlia in Yellow Vase
Dahlia in Yellow Vase 8x10 $110
Flower and Sun
Flower and Sun 8x10 $110
Yellow Cloud
Yellow Cloud 8x10* $110
Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds 12x12* $170
Figure with Blue and Green 12x12* $170
Mirror 8x8* $85
Two 32x21 $650
Desert 10x14* $140
Desert Evening
Desert Evening 9x12* $120
View from the Dock
View from the Dock 9x12* $120
Purple Hill
Purple Hill 10x14* $140
Golden Field
Golden Field 10x14* $140
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